YPFP Toronto is an exciting network of young Canadian professionals interested in Global affairs, diplomacy and foreign policy, who are leaders in their fields.

YPFP Toronto is the only organization in Canada dedicated to equipping young Canadian graduates and young professionals with the global affairs knowledge, skills, exposure, and relationships they need, for continuous advancement over the course of their careers. 

YPFP Toronto's mission is to support the broader YPFP global network by serving as Canada’s only organization focused on fostering the next generation of Canadian global affairs and diplomacy leaders.

YPFP Toronto consists of a dynamic, self-motivated and goal-oriented leadership team, led by Faaiz Bilal who serves as Ambassador and Head of Mission.

YPFP Toronto can be contacted at toronto@ypfp.org

Please send us an email to learn more about membership and our programs, we would love to hear from you!

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